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January 27, 2007

this is IT

Today started out with the best hangover I ever had. It didn't really hurt but I knew it was there because I was having difficulties navigating.

ok, so today I am attempting to blog (again).. and if it really works out, I will apply for some advertising through Google.

Note* the light of my life (loml) took me to a magical place today. They had one of those Mega-touch games that you usually see in bars. But this one was *FREE*. I can only live in hope for the next time the loml takes me there again. Did I mention how amazing he is?

January 28, 2007


netflix rocks. I don't like paying $10 for a movie ticket and with netflix, i see way more stuff for $10.. but enough of that. I just watched 'Saw'.


That's about all I can say about it. That and my co-worker who assured me that it wasn't really that scary, must have selective memory.

Tongue Scraping

Have I mentioned lately how awesome the light of my life (loml) is? well he is..

now then, when I was growing up, i was pretty bad about my dental hygeine. I can recall my mom saying a couple of times how bad my morning breath was, but now that I'm a lot older, wiser, and paying for my own dental bills, I am pretty swooft about my teeths. I brush (twice a day), floss (almost twice a day), and have been known to swish some pretty torturous mouthwash.. but sadly, as the loml tried to subtly inform me (many times) my breath is evidently still pretty bad.

how sad was I when I figured that out.

so this year, I am taking up the ancient practice of tongue scraping. I was tooling through my local Whole Foods/Fresh Fields when I saw "Dr. tung's tongue scraper". At a snazzy price of $3.99, and a vague recollection that Tyra Banks loves her scraper, I bought it. So now here I am, scraping my tongue (twice a day!).

The only part I can't figure out, is how to subtly ask the loml if the situation has improved any...

loml: well, maybe he will see it on the blog?
me: maybe
loml: do you think he'll answer?
me: I dunno...

January 31, 2007

Dr. Who rocks!

omg! like who doesn't need a TARDIS USB hub!

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