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February 1, 2007

losing time

I am losing time today. I woke up this morning, got dressed and the usual. But when I checked the clock, I was 30 minutes later than I usually am. o-kay. I go to work and now I can see, everything is slooow (its the world - not me!)

I figured this was a good time to have some "energy" tea. but it didn't work.. now the "slow" has crawled between my eyes... ughhh...

hmm, i also installed this mario bros. theme into my Firefox. It is also on the list of things that aren't helping. If anything, it has added a nintendo border to the "slow" between my eyes...

more updates later, assuming I don't just pass out.

This article is about a woman with a body disorder (she wants to amputate her legs). Its a great read. go on.. you know you wanna!

February 5, 2007

wormbox update

Well, its been a month since I set up a vermicomposting bin in my dining room, so I thought it was time for an update. And for anyone who really really wants to know, here are some instructions.

Anyways, I've had this thing for about a month. I can probably label my stages of worm mama-ness as follows.
1. Intense excitement
2. Reality - The realization that worms are not exciting and no, people really don't want to know about your wormbox.
3. Mild Concern - Are the worms happy?
4. small happiness (this is where I am now)

One thing I didn't realize is that, you can't just throw food in the bin and expect the worms to devour it (note item 2 - worms are not exciting). The food needs some time to start decomposing and that is when the worm appear to be getting down. I checked this morning and was most gratified to see some baby worms motoring (and I use this term loosely) through some celery that I had thrown in a few weeks ago.

and that is it for the update... see.. not exciting.


I am not very familiar with the concept of 'artisan tea' but I bought some this weekend. I have had about 8 cups of 'rose of suzhou' and I'll be damned if the caffeine isn't starting to wig me out a bit.

February 7, 2007

Good-bye FlyLady

Today I left the FlyLady. If you don't know who she is, Marla Cilley is the homegrown genius who has managed to inspire millions of people to be better. Thanks to her I now make my bed every morning, change the sheets once a week, threw out hundreds of pounds of clutter, and clean the entire house at least once a month (just not all at the same time). But, it is time to go.

How could I do this? I have been a member of the Yahoo group for many moons, bought the book, calendar, two dusters, incredible office-in-a-bag, and timer (all of which were fantastic and I highly recommend). Well, the group got too damn popular. Flylady and Gang managed to write a best seller on taking care of yourself, and now there is too much namby pamby spoon feeding going on. Which is sad, cause the first thing you learn is to quit your bitchin' cause you are the only one who can change things.

I used to get about 20 e-mails a day from FlyLady and Gang, reminding me to keep cleaning things and to get my rest, etc.. (yes, i know, it sounds nuts). But I swear I get at least fifty e-mails now, filled with crap. So, I quit my bitchin' and made the only change I could. I left her group, saving my Inbox from clutter. I think FlyLady would be proud of me. After she got through the part where she would think I am a quitter who couldn't be bothered to semi-manually filter through tonnes of e-mail to find the nuggets of precious motivational advice hidden amongst the brainwashed loving testimonials of the Fly-masses, and peppered with advertisements to buy more of their excellent products (which I already own and can find through your website all by myself so ENOUGH ALREADY).

damn I'm glad to be gone.

and if you want to read something really interesting, here is a short series written by a white man who winds up in Japanese jail for the "guilty until proven innocent". I think he spends about 20+ days there.

February 10, 2007

two things about me that are true

1 - I am very comfortable watching RADIUS authentication packets... its like watching the matrix., "you see that aol user there.. yeah.."
2 - I think that cat pill pocket treats are da bomb. Trust me, when you own two sneaky bitches who can hold a pill in the throat and cough it out seconds later, you will think these things are great too...

February 12, 2007

Confessions of a serial eater

my friends, i have to make a terrible confession.

Today I did something that I promised the light of my life (hereafter, loml) that I would never do again. I was weak and hungry; I didn't want to stay at work... so I did it. I joined my co-workers for lunch at... k-mart chinese foood.

Don't get me wrong, this is not chinese food from K-mart; it is chinese food next door to K-mart (but still in the same ballpark as what you might get if k-mart did chinese food). A good example of this would be the first plate of food I got from their incredible 3 buffet table selection.

Plate #1
1. French fries
2. Garlic bread
3. a potato cake
4. veggie spring roll

yes I know, my plate was barely 25% chinese, but the tea is excellent at this place and its free. After plate #1, I was still hungry so I threw back two cups of tea and headed back for...

Plate #2
1. veg fried rice
2. veg noodles
3. veg delight
4. mustard greens
5. green beans

Now plate #2 is a little more chinese but you will notice that its predominantly vegetables.. mainly cause that's what I like to eat, but sadly k-mart chinese only has 1 vegetable entree on the menu.

If you are still reading this tale of culinary adventure gone on a bender, you may be wondering, "Why do you eat there if all they have is not-chinese food and entrees that you don't eat??".

The answer is..

Plate #3
and this is where I must ask the loml to forgive me. I know its not right to eat somewhere just because of the dessert bar.
1. eclair
2. strawberry cake roll
3. lemon cake with funnel cake topping.

So I ate my food, but I was feeling bad. not because I had broken my promise to the loml (sorry, honey), but physically bad.. because the food is bad. unhealthy even. shocking I know. So this time I mean it. no more k-mart chinese for me.


February 15, 2007

i am a sad muffin

well every one. One of my favourite websites posted a nice article about blogging today. I have always been against blogging since I've seen too many people use it to broadcast instead of communicate... you know
hu-man 1: "hey man, how have you been?"
hu-man 2: "what you haven't read my blog?"

anyway, its important to keep it real and filled with content, as people get easily bored with what is insincere and irrelevant. (you guys still reading this? amazing...)

so here is a list of things I like:
1 - Qi, a lapsang souchong liquor that was a gift from the loml (and no, this does not stand for "laughing out loud more". I really think this stuff is made by the same people who do Hanger 1 vodka, but for whatever reason, they have a seperate website.

2 - if you have indoor cats, you should think about a litter locker. Yes, it works and yes, its worth the cost of buying refills.

3 - Buddha. Get on with your life. you can google around this one yourself.

February 19, 2007

hasta pronto!

I spent about two weeks in Argentina (ar-hen-tina) once. I saw pingens and glaciers and had some great empanadas. I even picked up some spanish, which was good because Argentina sees a lot more European visitors than American ones, so you better speak something that isn't english. Sadly, after a year or so, the only phrase I can recall is "vino tinto, por favor". I have no idea if that's grammatically correct, but it gets the job done. So for me, you, and anyone else interested in working on being mis-understood in Spanish, there is CoffeeBreakSpanish!
(and I should note that i would not even KNOW of the existence of latte-spanish without my dear friend John WhoLuvesMexicanFood - thank you Juan!)

I've only listened to the preview so far, but as soon as I try the rest I will let you know.

(about 20 minutes later)

One of the neatest things I got one year was a immersion blender. Mine is from Cuisinart. And I must admit, it is a nice piece of equipment. and while browsing around today, I found this great link for making your own mayonnaise. Now I know I am getting a bit far on with the DIY projects, but this really looks cool. I don't know if its going to be any healthier, but the first thing I really want to try is jalapeƱo mayonnaise.

Confidential to my mom: the loml says that I should keep it up with the tongue scraper.

February 21, 2007

I love you mister sulu!

ok, no updates on the learning spanish or making my own mayonnaise tasks, but here, watch George Takei and you will feel better.

February 22, 2007

compassion, now!

I really don't like working with stupid people. They are inefficient and the constraints of professionalism do not allow you to simply say "That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. What is wrong with you??". or maybe it does and I just don't know it.

I spent about twenty minutes today explaining to someone that Daylight Savings time does impact computers and if your computer does not change with Daylight Savings, then the time will be wrong (unless you are operating in GMT - but I digress)

to be honest.. it wasn't really my twenty minutes. It was twenty minutes graciously donated by my cube farm neighbor who jumped into the conversation, when I (stupefied as to how I could explain DST) failed to speak coherently.

and a small point of clarification.. not understanding DST is not what makes a person an idiot. Its the part where they don't bother to google it first before walking up to my cube and wasting my time.

so now that i have wasted your time with my ranting... i will attempt to return the comment feature to my blog, so that you can return the favour.

oh dear. ok, well it looks like comments will never be coming back because when I first set up this blog, I completely nuked all the supporting code for comments. The idea was that comments would encouraging pandering to the audience (sorry guys).

February 26, 2007

writing takes practice

Today is ...
outfit - black band pants with a stripe, white/tan/brown striped button up, gold accessories
weight - 126.6 (It was the chinese food that made me go up a pound - technically the sauce)
hair - parted on the side, no mousse
attitude - Well, I have really been working on this concept of only you can make you feel bad (realistically, now). Last night, I woke up thinking about work (again). After making lists in my head for I don't know how long, I told myself I would do it all tomorrow so let it go already. I guess it worked. I am at work, and I am reasonably calm. and I am doing all the things that I can do.


evidently, work takes practice as well. I was just goofing off reading up on the Fables series by Vertigo (which I highly recommend), when it hits me. Not only do I not want to work (this is not a surprise), but I expect to be interrupted when I do start working, consequently the goofing off. I think that makes me pessimistically lazy ?


and now, its time for a haiku titled "Its not even sftp"

sitting at work, sigh.
waiting for my ftp
bandwidth, where are you?

February 27, 2007


ok, this is great DIY. You can make your own cocktail party umbrellas! Now all I need is a cocktail party... and to jack up the designs...

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