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Confessions of a serial eater

my friends, i have to make a terrible confession.

Today I did something that I promised the light of my life (hereafter, loml) that I would never do again. I was weak and hungry; I didn't want to stay at work... so I did it. I joined my co-workers for lunch at... k-mart chinese foood.

Don't get me wrong, this is not chinese food from K-mart; it is chinese food next door to K-mart (but still in the same ballpark as what you might get if k-mart did chinese food). A good example of this would be the first plate of food I got from their incredible 3 buffet table selection.

Plate #1
1. French fries
2. Garlic bread
3. a potato cake
4. veggie spring roll

yes I know, my plate was barely 25% chinese, but the tea is excellent at this place and its free. After plate #1, I was still hungry so I threw back two cups of tea and headed back for...

Plate #2
1. veg fried rice
2. veg noodles
3. veg delight
4. mustard greens
5. green beans

Now plate #2 is a little more chinese but you will notice that its predominantly vegetables.. mainly cause that's what I like to eat, but sadly k-mart chinese only has 1 vegetable entree on the menu.

If you are still reading this tale of culinary adventure gone on a bender, you may be wondering, "Why do you eat there if all they have is not-chinese food and entrees that you don't eat??".

The answer is..

Plate #3
and this is where I must ask the loml to forgive me. I know its not right to eat somewhere just because of the dessert bar.
1. eclair
2. strawberry cake roll
3. lemon cake with funnel cake topping.

So I ate my food, but I was feeling bad. not because I had broken my promise to the loml (sorry, honey), but physically bad.. because the food is bad. unhealthy even. shocking I know. So this time I mean it. no more k-mart chinese for me.



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