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Good-bye FlyLady

Today I left the FlyLady. If you don't know who she is, Marla Cilley is the homegrown genius who has managed to inspire millions of people to be better. Thanks to her I now make my bed every morning, change the sheets once a week, threw out hundreds of pounds of clutter, and clean the entire house at least once a month (just not all at the same time). But, it is time to go.

How could I do this? I have been a member of the Yahoo group for many moons, bought the book, calendar, two dusters, incredible office-in-a-bag, and timer (all of which were fantastic and I highly recommend). Well, the group got too damn popular. Flylady and Gang managed to write a best seller on taking care of yourself, and now there is too much namby pamby spoon feeding going on. Which is sad, cause the first thing you learn is to quit your bitchin' cause you are the only one who can change things.

I used to get about 20 e-mails a day from FlyLady and Gang, reminding me to keep cleaning things and to get my rest, etc.. (yes, i know, it sounds nuts). But I swear I get at least fifty e-mails now, filled with crap. So, I quit my bitchin' and made the only change I could. I left her group, saving my Inbox from clutter. I think FlyLady would be proud of me. After she got through the part where she would think I am a quitter who couldn't be bothered to semi-manually filter through tonnes of e-mail to find the nuggets of precious motivational advice hidden amongst the brainwashed loving testimonials of the Fly-masses, and peppered with advertisements to buy more of their excellent products (which I already own and can find through your website all by myself so ENOUGH ALREADY).

damn I'm glad to be gone.

and if you want to read something really interesting, here is a short series written by a white man who winds up in Japanese jail for the "guilty until proven innocent". I think he spends about 20+ days there.


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