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hasta pronto!

I spent about two weeks in Argentina (ar-hen-tina) once. I saw pingens and glaciers and had some great empanadas. I even picked up some spanish, which was good because Argentina sees a lot more European visitors than American ones, so you better speak something that isn't english. Sadly, after a year or so, the only phrase I can recall is "vino tinto, por favor". I have no idea if that's grammatically correct, but it gets the job done. So for me, you, and anyone else interested in working on being mis-understood in Spanish, there is CoffeeBreakSpanish!
(and I should note that i would not even KNOW of the existence of latte-spanish without my dear friend John WhoLuvesMexicanFood - thank you Juan!)

I've only listened to the preview so far, but as soon as I try the rest I will let you know.

(about 20 minutes later)

One of the neatest things I got one year was a immersion blender. Mine is from Cuisinart. And I must admit, it is a nice piece of equipment. and while browsing around today, I found this great link for making your own mayonnaise. Now I know I am getting a bit far on with the DIY projects, but this really looks cool. I don't know if its going to be any healthier, but the first thing I really want to try is jalapeƱo mayonnaise.

Confidential to my mom: the loml says that I should keep it up with the tongue scraper.


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