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i am a sad muffin

well every one. One of my favourite websites posted a nice article about blogging today. I have always been against blogging since I've seen too many people use it to broadcast instead of communicate... you know
hu-man 1: "hey man, how have you been?"
hu-man 2: "what you haven't read my blog?"

anyway, its important to keep it real and filled with content, as people get easily bored with what is insincere and irrelevant. (you guys still reading this? amazing...)

so here is a list of things I like:
1 - Qi, a lapsang souchong liquor that was a gift from the loml (and no, this does not stand for "laughing out loud more". I really think this stuff is made by the same people who do Hanger 1 vodka, but for whatever reason, they have a seperate website.

2 - if you have indoor cats, you should think about a litter locker. Yes, it works and yes, its worth the cost of buying refills.

3 - Buddha. Get on with your life. you can google around this one yourself.


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