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losing time

I am losing time today. I woke up this morning, got dressed and the usual. But when I checked the clock, I was 30 minutes later than I usually am. o-kay. I go to work and now I can see, everything is slooow (its the world - not me!)

I figured this was a good time to have some "energy" tea. but it didn't work.. now the "slow" has crawled between my eyes... ughhh...

hmm, i also installed this mario bros. theme into my Firefox. It is also on the list of things that aren't helping. If anything, it has added a nintendo border to the "slow" between my eyes...

more updates later, assuming I don't just pass out.

This article is about a woman with a body disorder (she wants to amputate her legs). Its a great read. go on.. you know you wanna!


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