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wormbox update

Well, its been a month since I set up a vermicomposting bin in my dining room, so I thought it was time for an update. And for anyone who really really wants to know, here are some instructions.

Anyways, I've had this thing for about a month. I can probably label my stages of worm mama-ness as follows.
1. Intense excitement
2. Reality - The realization that worms are not exciting and no, people really don't want to know about your wormbox.
3. Mild Concern - Are the worms happy?
4. small happiness (this is where I am now)

One thing I didn't realize is that, you can't just throw food in the bin and expect the worms to devour it (note item 2 - worms are not exciting). The food needs some time to start decomposing and that is when the worm appear to be getting down. I checked this morning and was most gratified to see some baby worms motoring (and I use this term loosely) through some celery that I had thrown in a few weeks ago.

and that is it for the update... see.. not exciting.


I am not very familiar with the concept of 'artisan tea' but I bought some this weekend. I have had about 8 cups of 'rose of suzhou' and I'll be damned if the caffeine isn't starting to wig me out a bit.


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