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writing takes practice

Today is ...
outfit - black band pants with a stripe, white/tan/brown striped button up, gold accessories
weight - 126.6 (It was the chinese food that made me go up a pound - technically the sauce)
hair - parted on the side, no mousse
attitude - Well, I have really been working on this concept of only you can make you feel bad (realistically, now). Last night, I woke up thinking about work (again). After making lists in my head for I don't know how long, I told myself I would do it all tomorrow so let it go already. I guess it worked. I am at work, and I am reasonably calm. and I am doing all the things that I can do.


evidently, work takes practice as well. I was just goofing off reading up on the Fables series by Vertigo (which I highly recommend), when it hits me. Not only do I not want to work (this is not a surprise), but I expect to be interrupted when I do start working, consequently the goofing off. I think that makes me pessimistically lazy ?


and now, its time for a haiku titled "Its not even sftp"

sitting at work, sigh.
waiting for my ftp
bandwidth, where are you?


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