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DST blows

I don't think I've done a rant before (oh right, I did one about working with stupid people), but there is always room for one more whining puling rant on the internet, isn't there?

I've been awake since 3:30 am because some dumbass somewhere thought that re-arranging our schedules would reduce energy consumption. (Actually according to the wikipedia entry, several dumbasses believe this). And more specifically, I've been awake in this unholy reality since 3:30am as my work has had to patch all our servers to comply with that law that passed in 2005. And I'll be awake tomorrow too, and again on Sunday at 2am when the real switch over happens so I can personally witness our network breaking down as all our little systems decide that they don't want to talk to someone who doesn't have the time set right.

Come on people! I haven't read a single piece of legitimate information that convinces me there are any benefits to DST! I don't work during a farm day! If the sun is rising late, I'll get up late! If the sun doesn't show up, don't get out of bed! I do my stuff online and the stuff that I can't do online isn't scheduled for my convenience ANYWAY!

the hell with DST!


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