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fish tank of mystery

When I was growing up, we had a huge fish tank filled with gold fish. The thing I remember the most is that it was pretty common to walk past it and find a dead fish on the ground. I guess we didn't have a good cover on the tank. Since then, I've always associated fishtanks with dead fish. Which is too bad because when I moved in with the loml, I discovered he was a real fish enthusiast while I had that whole dead fish thing going.

and just like time loops caused by temporal rifts in the universe (at least in Star Trek), the loml had several fish dying in his tank throughout that first year. boy, does that stuff bother me. it got to the point where he wouldn't tell me a fish had died. I would have to be looking at the tank, and then realize that someone was missing (this was when I was still naming the fish).

so flash forward a couple of years.. I've learned some stuff about tank maintenance, investigated fish medications, bought some fish, etc... but the tank is still a mysterious place for me (see how I just tied into my blog title!) We had just added four new residents to the tank: 2 ghost shrimp and 2 sharks (i don't think they really are sharks, they just look like them).

The shrimp are kind of hard to find. At any given moment, I can only locate one of them, but hey, at least I can still find them. One of the sharks just died after two days; I figure that was some kind of transition issue... but a week later the other shark disappeared. I spent at least 10 minutes looking for his corpse (see - that dead fish thing never went away). Couldn't find it but I noticed that some of the other fish were acting kind of weird. (note to the loml - i was going to tell you about this in person but haven't had a chance yet, so maybe you want to stop reading now and give me a call?)

so last night, i notice that mr. upside down catfish was hanging out at the surface of the tank (upside down). I figured he was dead so I tried to scoop him out, but lo and behold, sucker was still alive and he would just run away.. so i thought, maybe he just likes hanging out at the top, upside down.. its his name right?

but no.. this morning not only did I find the catfish but a member of the herd (can't recall the real name but a small schooling type fish) had also joined mr catfish on his final float. so what to do? I may be paranoid, but it occurs to me I may have some kind of eco-disaster poised to wipe out the tank.. when I go home today, I'll have to do a water change and probably figure out where the hell that shark corpse is.

see... tank o' mystery


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