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here's a thought

I got into work about 10ish. From then until about 3ish (so we may have 5 hours) I worked on the alternating 10/2 schedule. This is a technique where you line up your tasks and then spend 10 minutes on one, take a 2 minute break, 10 minutes on the next, 2 minute break, etc... and you just keep on with that. So I did that for about 5 hours, while eating lunch at my desk. I managed to clear out my Inbox and catch up on several items.

and then it hit. I was done. but I can't leave work after 5 hours. so I stayed here and tried to work on other stuff. and it hasn't been going well at all. and by that, I mean I am no where near as productive as I was before. In fact, I can't really tell what's been going on for the last hour but a check of my Sent mailbox shows 3 e-mails....

So maybe something new. The next time I feel like I am done, I am going to honor myself and stop working. Sounds awful, right? Not really, in the grand tradition of Stephen Covey and his 7 habits of highly effective blah blah blah, I am going to spend my time "sharpening the saw"!

to paraphrase Stephen Covey, this is when I improve my productive capacity by training my skillz. So lucky me, I get to work on "Crucial Conversations". Its either that or SUN ONE directory services. (note* these are the self-paced courses I am registered for at this time. Isn't work fun?)


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