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I wanna live in a buckyball!

I must thank my friend Christian for telling me about this page. I am pretty familiar with dome homes but this page really lets you get an idea of implementation.

After reading through a bit, I immediately message the loml that we had to do this (and i meant, build a dome house and live in it)! no response.

So when I saw him this evening, I told him again that this was something we had to do. He gave me a look.

and I say, not now. Later, like in 10 years when we are really bored.. cause we would have to hire contractors to handle the plumbing and stuff..

another look.
So I ask, are you saying that you would never want to live in geo-dome?

loml: "look baby, I'm glad that you are so excited about living in a.."
me: "but they are economical and handle severe weather really well!"

loml: "they look a little funny".
me: "if we are never going to be allowed to live in a geo-dome, then you have to tell me now!"

loml: "..."
me: "if you die, then I am going to live in a dome."

and there you have it.


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