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I'm gonna pull a lee van cleef

I am so angry right now, I am shaking. One of my 'peers' has just sent an e-mail, copying all management, disputing some technical information I had sent out.

so lets think about this. Biology says I'm going through a fight or flight response, as this asshat is threatening me. Which I'm all for. If I could, I would probably take him down WWF-style with a folding chair to the back.

My "Crucial Conversations" book would tell me that I need to realize that I am the only one making me angry. I don't know what this man's motivations are, and that I am making an assumption that he's trying to make himself look better at my expense.

I can't even think what Buddha would say. I assume it would be something like "blessed are my enemies for they teach me the greatest lessons about myself".

oooo - I am still pissed.

so let's talk about fish. or let's not..


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