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maturity blows

There have been a few lay-offs at my work place recently, which were preceeded by a voluntary retirement process. When I first heard about it, I was in rapture. It was an Office Space moment, where I could just see myself, laying on the carpet, staring at the ceiling.. for hours.. .doing nothing. It really seemed like heaven (still does almost). Anyway, I tried to get laid off a couple of times but in the end, I guess I didn't really want to cause I still have a job (you know that person who keeps swearing they are going to do something but other stuff keeps getting in the way?)

So its the first saturday since and this is what I did:
1) slept. a lot. woke up with a small headache - i suspect from the sleeping (or maybe that champagne I had last night, eh?)
2) noticed that the loml was out for most of the day for work sooo... got dressed in my pink pajama outfit that he doesn't like.
3) fed the cats and fish
4) made myself lunch and watched a girly movie - Jane Austen's Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow.
5) Watched HGTV shows about how to perform home makeovers.
6) downloaded brainless freeware games onto my laptop and started playing
7) paused to consider the chores: vacuuming, laundry, changing the sheets
8) continued to play the game while eating chocolate
9) had some chips.
10) had an annoying realization that this is what life would be like if I had actually quit my job. all signs indicate that I would be fat and bored.

Its now 4:07pm.. i guess I better get in the shower and get dressed. just as soon as I play that game one more time maybe...


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