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Ode to my lunch box

I am in the middle of eating lunch at my desk. A lot of thoughts are generated by this activity, which is odd since I thought all the blood was supposed to rush out of head to help digest the food, but.. not so much. I'm still thinking.

So, my lunch box is environmentally friendly. I got it from Laptop Lunches and in case anyone is curious, I own two sets of internal containers (one in periwinkle and the other in primary colors - it makes the leftovers more fun!). The environmentally friendly part is that I stopped using pre-packaged foods. Mainly cause they don't fit very well into the happy happy containers. So I get to use my leftovers and I'm not generating additional waste. yay me. I'm sure that this and my worm-box will guarantee me a space in green heaven.

I didn't buy the lunch box because it was good for the earth though. I bought it cause I was tired of hauling several bags to work: laptop, lunch, workout. I was looking for a lunchbox that would fit in my laptop bag and through the miracle of google, I foundit! And now as an added benefit, I save crazy money since I don't eat out anymore, and its easier to watch my food intake since I'm the one making lunch.

But I miss going outside. I hate my job. I hate sitting at my desk all day. I hate the idea that some day my job dissatisfaction will manifest in a reduction of my life span, and generate secondary effects like shrewish behavior and wrinkles on my face....

ooh! I have veggie fried fish in a tasty hunan sauce in my lunch box! See, your lunch can be as exciting as you want it to be.

ok - so two lessons to take away from today.
1. Good products, made by people who care, will make your life better.
2. No matter what you do for lunch, it won't resolve your other problems.


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