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sobriety - the new high

If you don't know me, and truly, who really knows anyone these days? - ok, if you don't know me, I'm not sure why you're are reading this but you may get the impression that all I want to do is live in a buckyball with my wormbox and and have my ashes placed in an acorn when i die... or you may think that i hate my job but am devoted to the loml... either way, one thing you should know is that i like this blogging stuff.. and yes, I am planning on fixing the comment feature so that I don't have to speculate about what you think about what i think.

this morning, the loml and I carpooled. so we got up at some insane time of the morning, like 7am or something hellacious and he dropped me off at work. Still a little sleepy, I toddled on in to the gaping maw of soul crushing minutiae, where I proceeded to work my hiney off. I didn't bring my awesome lunch box in cause I figured I would eat out. but no, all my co-workers were absent when I finally had time to take a break.. so no biggee, i chowed on some rice crackers and kept on working.

technically, i am not carpooling today cause I don't get a ride home. the loml wants to use my car for other stuff so I told him i could get a ride home.. but wahh! the only ride home I can get is at "6-ish"~! (dear nutter-butter, i still appreciate the ride). So I thought it would be ok but now its like 3pm and I have been working for the last 7 hours! eee! I ain't an hourly employee or an athelete. I am tired!

so now I figure if I want it bad enough, i can just walk home. so that's where I am now.. contemplating walking home. on the plus side, it'd be mighty green of me. on the down side, i'm wearing high heel boots.. which I guess i could take off... hmmm


ok -i didn't walk home. After suffering some performance deterioration at work my dear friend 'nutter butter' took some time off and left work early. i must now take a moment to honor my friend for his fantastic assistance in weight loss. I managed to go down 1 pant size in two weeks with his assistance.

Given the lovely weather, we took a break for some reisling and fantastic potatoe chips..

and i only have one thing to say: why do we expect people to behave differently at work than they do otherwise? Why do we say "leave work at work"? i think this indicates unhealthy behavior, and will write more later.

hey! eww! how did wine get on my cell phone????


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