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update: fish tank still mysterious

i'm hoping this will be the last time I blog about the fish. They aren't my favourite subject and I'm sure you people would rather read about the wormbox instead.. (that's a joke).

so this morning I got up and went to feed the animals (what actually happened is that the cats kept harassing me until I got out of bed, but whatever). Its going well until I hit the big fish tank and see one of the gourami hanging out at the surface. I dump some food in and he's still alive but he's not swimming well and he isn't eating (this is the biggest tip off. I can imagine all the dying fish I want but when the thing won't eat, that is it). So I have a couple of possibilities:
1) there is a heaven's gate chapter in my tank and they see the comet
2) something is poisoning the fish

I'm not going to wait until after work to see if if the fish dies. Its a good time for action.

So I've already swapped out the filters, now its time for a water change. In the event of bad water, the recommendation is to swap out something like 75% of it. So I start doing that. Here is what I learned:
1) There are 4 quarts to a gallon
2) I own a 3 gallon bucket
3) this tank must be at least 40 gallons

After about 15 gallons, I have had it (water is heavy). Its not 75%, its not even 50% but its close. and as an added bonus, the shark corpse appeared after I had dumped about 6 gallons of water. So I replace all the water (yes, with water conditioner) and discover something else.

There is another upside down catfish in the tank! I thought he was dead (and I'm not talking about the one that died yesterday). This guy was put in the tank at least a month ago and was never seen again. Amazing! mysterious-er even!

well - hopefully that'll do it and tomorrow we can cover the amazing world of do-it-yourself wedding invitations.


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