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what's up

today's lunch box is fantastic. I couldn't be happier with it and I made it myself. I only wish I had taken a photo before I started eating.

1 - mushroom soup: made with vegetable stock and pureed shitake, crimini and white mushrooms
2 - Quorn nuggets: made from edible fungus and egg whites, yummy. (note* i didn't make these, i bought them at the grocery)
3 - tofurkey and cheese sandwich on dark wheat with an olive spread and vinaigrette.
4 - pumpkin flan: this is what you make when you have leftover cans of pumpkin pie filler

well, i have a high incident rate of meat substitute in my lunch today. And as a good friend of mine once said, "I didn't become vegetarian so that I could pretend to eat meat". but I say, "I didn't become vegetarian so that I could be uptight about it". The quorn is pretty tasty dammit!

So I've been considering buying a kill-a-watt. Its a $30 product that will let you determine what the electrical consumption of smaller household devices is. And by that, I mean computers, lamps, playstations etc.. Apparently, its not meant for things like washing machines and refrigerators. The point would be to try to nail down the little things that suck extra electricity, especially stuff that sits there in power-savings mode (you know, like how your tv is 'off' but not really). the reason I am hesitating is that the real money savings is controlled by the larger processes like air conditioning and energy star type appliances. but still every little bit makes a difference right? This is the reason that I vote in the general elections...


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