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crazy is just another word for insane

Well, there are a lot of things I feel passionate about today, but I'll spare you the ranting. Instead you can read about my latest craze, reducing the gas consumption of my vehicle.

A few weeks ago, I had posted this article about coasting in neutral, the benefits of which were exemplified by a madman who would actually wear an icepack rather than turn on the AC or roll down his windows.

This last week, I had read an article about how idling your engine causes more gas inefficiency. Yes, according to these people you use less gas when you stop and restart your engine while waiting at a light.

So where does this lead us? of course, to a full tank of gas and me on a mission. So for the duration of this tank of gas, I am going to try coasting in neutral and turning off the engine at stop lights. Am I mad??? possibly. but here are a few notes to convince you that there is still some rationality left in the old noggin.

1) I am only turning off my engine at intersections that I know the traffic pattern at. This way, I won't be sitting there an extra 5 seconds holding up traffic while I start up the car.
2) Yes, I realize someone could rear-end me while the car is off, which excludes the possibility of my attempting any evasive maneuvers. I'm not actually doing anything about this, other than keeping it in mind.
3) Coasting in neutral requires that I join that group of people. you know.. those people. the "who the hell is doing the speed limit" people. its actually kind of refreshing and i'm still taking the same amount of time to get places.
4) illegality? whatever.
And so for this limited opportunity, i think I will open up for some comments:


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