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do watcha gonna do

So I finished reading my training book, "crucial conversations". I actually didn't think it was so great on the scale of self-help books. Sure it was filled with common sense, like they all are, but not enough practical implementation was involved. There has to be better advice than "Don't say bad things like that!". So from me, a big fat thumbs down.

And since we just hit the second quarter, I have two new training books:
- Managing Upward (I'm sure my supervisor would have found this funny if he actually looked at my training invoice)
- Conflict Management (I'm not sure if this is more of a reflection on me or the company I keep).

In my private time I am reading "Planetwalker: How to Change Your World One Step at a Time" by John Francis. This is a great book about a man who, distressed by the state of environmental affairs, stopped talking and gave up motorized transportation while walking across the world. While on his journey, he managed to do a lot. This book is written so well (and incidentally demonstrates many of the skills in 'crucial conversations'), that I recommend it to anyone.


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