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Earth day what?

As I was informed by my corporate e-mail, Earth day is almost upon us. I didn't think that was particularly wonderful as the summary for our event was "Earth Day - come see an abbreviated presentation of 'An Inconvenient Truth' and get FREE ICE CREAM!"

somehow I doubt they are going to cover topics like home composting...

but onwards and upwards... I went to home depot to buy some compact flourescent light (CFL) bulbs and a programmable thermostat. Looks like Home Depot is getting into Earth Day as well, cause they started labeling some of their items as being environmentally friendly. In fact, they are gonna be giving away light bulbs for earth day.

So today I replaced 13 'regular' 60 watt light bulbs with 12 CFL bulbs that were 11 to 16 Watts. Crazy eh? but how crazy? well, the average cost of electricity in a residential area of my state for 2006 was 8 and a half cents per KillowattHour. hmm, what does that actually mean...

realistically, we may only run three lights at any given time so:
3 lights at 16 watts = 48watts during one hour = .048kWh at $.085 = .0041 cents per hour. The same calculation for 60 watt bulbs is .015 cents, for a savings of 1 cent an hour, at about 8 hours of use during a day is about $2.25 a month.

well, i am just exploding with saved pennies here. let's hope the programmable thermostat does better. and if someone notices that i made a math error, let me know.


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