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not enough green

factoid of the day:
- my blood is 38% red blood cells as opposed to plasma and the other stuff.
- 38% is the minimum you can have before they don't let you donate blood
- according to the blood technician, I need to eat more green veggies, like broccoli and spinach

Does is make me a bad vegetarian if I don't like green vegetables? maybe not, but it probably makes me a mildly unhealthy one. So today's lunch was from Whole Foods, cause sometimes, you want a nice froo-froo lunch that costs less than $20.

1) organic strawberries - on sale!
2) Zesty Garlic Hummus
3) Wheat Baguette
4) Rapini with Garlic and Olive Oil
5) Asian Forbidden Rice Salad (ok - i got this for the mystery factor)



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