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Status update

I thought it would be a good time to inventory the things I have tried this year:
(in no particular order)

Worm Box - status: Complete
This is going pretty well. I put trash in the box and the worms eat it. What more could I want?
Kill-A-Watt - status: Stalled
Well, I bought one and then I measured two things and got quickly bored.
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs - status: Complete
I bought a bunch of the N-vision bulbs in soft and bright white and changed out ALL the bulbs in the house. Excellent.
Reducing gas use - status: Complete
Through a combination of coasting and turning off my engine at stop lights, I managed to raise my rating from 28.5 to 30.2 mpg. That means I got 23.8 more miles than usual, saving me about $3.00 per tank of gas.
Tongue scraping - status: Failed
I didn't see any results so I quit.
Coffee Break Spanish - status: Failed
I got through 3 lessons and the only thing I remember is that people from mainland spain say "Grathias" instead of "Gracias".
Making your Own mayonnaise - status: Never Started
I really meant to do this... someday.
Dorodango - status: New
now this looks super cool! Now I just need to find some dirt!


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