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today's lunch

I am excessively fond of my lunchbox.

Today's lunch is:
Double-cream herbed brie with Melba toasts
Miso Soup
Curried rice pilaf with Quorn roast
Dole Fruit cup.

with some Kashmiri tea, its damn good - I should become a veggie lunch cart lady!

on a side note, I received my kill-a-watt this weekend. I've only had time to plug it into a couple of devices. Note* a Macbook charger draws no power when not connected to a laptop

While we are on the subject of food. I thought I would read up on superfoods, since I've been seeing things labeled as such (being an informed consumer takes work!). "Superfood" actually has no real definition, but sorta refers to items that have lots of antioxidents and are healthy (ex. soy, blueberries, apples, tea, dark chocolate). as usual, moderation is the way to go. Don't expect a diet high in 'superfoods' to keep you young forever. While browsing through the controversy, I found this great page of "things you should NEVER eat".. interestingly enough, twinkies were not on the list.


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