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10 impossible things before breakfast

Is it possible to live without actually working?

and when I refer to work, I am speaking of that reality inhabited by asshats, red tape, quarterly reviews, mis-directed requests, and co-workers who don't always help. the one that we are supposed to exist in from 8 to 5 and whenever else the boss says to.

I had a job interview today. I'm not planning on taking the job but wanted to do the interview for practice. I haven't actively pursued a job for years and boy, did I 'learn' some stuff. The main thing I learned is that people are cannibals. And I'm not pointing fingers here, because I do the same thing when I interview someone. I skim the strengths based on the resume and then chomp in at the soft spots.

What a tiring experience. I suspect my resume may have been mis-directed by the HR person but we'll see. I spoke well, but managed to piss off one of the company directors when I made a comment about how constantly checking e-mail results in reduced effectiveness. I'm not sorry I said it, but did concede that if that was your job function, you should probably do it.

So back to not working. Here is a nice article about those people you see hanging around outside while you are on your way to work. What are they doing?


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