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i love the consumerist

i just had an amazing experience!

There are a couple of web pages that I love to read and 'The Consumerist' is one of them. Its full of consumer tips, sob stories, and general info that every good consumer wouldn't mind knowing. And thanks to them, I just saved myself $10!

I have a retail credit card (like that JC Penny's card that you get cause its 20% off your purchase today). I don't use it a lot but last month I charged about $30 on it, and then made a late payment (I was hoping to fall in an imaginary grace period but nope, 4 days late is still late). So this morning, I was staring at a $10 late fee. Ridiculous!

I only spent $30 and I'm about to blow another $10 for a late payment? So I called customer service and the conversation went something like this...

CR: Hi, how can I help you today?
Me: Hello, I believe I have run up a $10 late fee on my account.
CR: Ok. Let me check into that. ... Yes, I see you have a late fee on your account for $10. What would you like to discuss?
Me: I was hoping that the company, in it bountiful wisdom, would remove the fee. I've never been late with a payment before.
CR: You want us to remove the fee?
Me: Yes, I was hoping that I could just skate by this one time.
CR: Let me see what we can do for you... Ma'am we have removed the fee from your account. Your balance at this time is $0.
Me: Thank you so much!

That rocked! I was polite, the rep was polite, and it all worked out in the end.


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