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wow - day 2 and 3

ok, so here is an update on my new goal of becoming more effective (note* I don't want to be more efficient. I just want to be more effective) at work.

day one was great, but day 2 and 3 really blew. In just one day, I managed to free about 3 hours of my work time but cutting down on reading the news, not attending unnecessary meetings, checking my e-mail twice a day, and only targeting two key goals a day.

on days 2 and 3, I lost that time right back to meetings. I spent 50% of my complete work day in meetings, which completely violated at least two of my action-goal things. I had all that free time and couldn't handle it!

So today I am working from home, which has the nice benefit of removing me from being available in person. When I got out of bed, my thought was "wow! i can wear whatever I want!" and I even got excited about it. Now, I just find that to be sad, in a pathetic kind of way. but hey! I am dressed now (in exactly what I want) and I'm off to tele-commute from the car inspection waiting line!

on a side note, its entirely possible that at some point, someone I work with may read this. and i guess it could go badly. large corporations don't always like it when their employees are trying to do the same amount of work in less time, without giving that time back to the company. and more to the point, my actions are not those of someone who is happy with their current work situation. Which is exactly the point. I want things to change, and if it goes badly, that is why I have a savings account.


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