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June 1, 2007

who knows where the wind blows

I have crossed a line. I came into work this morning, attended a short meeting, cleared out my e-mail, and then.... nothing. nothing..

I grabbed my tea cup and took a walk around the office. At first I thought that my problem was that I don't have anyone to play hooky with, but that isn't it. I've managed to clear up enough time in my work schedule ( as per Tim Ferriss' 4 hour work week ) that on some days, I am out of work.

and to be quite clear, yes, there is work I could be doing, but no, I am not going to do it. and since this isn't a dialogue I'll try to explain. Some things are so stupidly inefficient to work on that they eat your soul. If you don't understand my point then I am glad we aren't talking.

so now, i have to find a goal and work for it. otherwise, i may as well be working.

June 5, 2007


well, its pool time! As most of the savvy shoppers know, swimsuit purchase time was a couple of months ago. I didn't feel like it so I had to buy mine last week from the remnants of what was left over. but hey, doesn't everyone love a bright purple suit?

that being said, I need to get back into some sort of swim suit shape. so here is the goal of the season. swim suit shape. unfortunately, i need two things for that. a work out plan and a better attitude. more updates later

June 6, 2007

life is sh*t

that's a joke really. I just have a whopping headache from dehydration. from taking a hot bath last night, if you believe it. Either that or I am in the beginning stages of food poisoning from under cooking my dinner last night.


oh man, i think i ate something bad... on the lighter side, I found a blog entry by a woman attempting to make cheese from her own breastmilk. Please read this link, especially if that last sentence made you uncomfortable. Its a decent informative piece of writing.

June 12, 2007

i'll be...

The loml bought me a Buddha board a few months ago. It is a really fun gift which I like. After playing with for a week, I put it up on the shelf and ignored it. Until this morning when I brought it into work.

and I've been backsliding a bit. After clearing all this time in my schedule to do important work, I find myself deliberately checking my work e-mail every five minutes in order to sabotage anything else I might be doing. So I turned to the Buddha board and asked myself "what am I feeling now; what expresses my mood?" and I drew...

a potatoe.

??? eh ??? there it is. I am a potatoe.


OMG. I love tea and i love gadgets.. I also enjoy weird diction. This article has it ALL! A must read, take it from me.

June 13, 2007

What's in a Lady?

Today I thought I would get off my ass and finally join a gym. My work offers one, but it has got to be the crappiest corporate gym I have ever seen. I have been a member of the gym about 5 times in the last 7 years, so obviously its not working out so well for me.

So today I googled around for gyms in my area and what did I find? That being a lady still means something. A 'Lady of America' Fitness center just opened up near my house, and they are running a $20 per month special. Yeah incentive, especially since the YMCA here charges $79 a month. So I looked at the webpage, and here are some quotes from the website:

Lady of America offers the complete workout experience in a clean environment with no complicated machines.
oooh - save me from those 'complicated machines'. Jee-sus Chriiist.

Our Lady of America locations contain a variety of amenities, including*:

* Massage
* Infrared Saunas
* Tanning booths
* Manicures, and more!

hehehe - At first I was upset. tanning booths!?? Manicures??! and then, oooh yeah. I like manicures.. What do you know, uterus marketing must work!

and then there is some other stuff like free child care and they fact that they use 5lb weight increments, which I must admit is nice. So off I go. I am going to tour the facility today.

June 18, 2007

people are strange

well, i was going to post a bitter unhelpful rant about how nurses seem to offer unwarrented advice (and since i can't contain myself, i should also point out that its usually worthless, sometimes inaccurate, often judgemental, and seems to be some kind of masturbatory impulse). good thing i wasn't going to say anything eh?

instead, I found this link to the a NY times slideshow showing people and their online avantars. I thought it was particularly wacky.

if you looked through the slideshow then you noticed that one amazing picture of that 'star wars galaxies' player. I am a huge fan of 'star wars: battlefront' (both of them) but unfortunatley, I've managed to beat the game past an inch of lifeform existence, so the news that there was an MMORPG (and i have to lodge a token protests about this acronym. You can't even say it?? what happened to the great tradition of MUCKs and MUDs and MOOs???) anyway, to find out that there was one of these for star wars was nice to hear. Verily, i could imagine just slaughtering my way through the known universe..

ok - those of you who are now worried I am about to engage in actual random violence need to relax. I can tell the difference between reality and a game.. also Star Wars Galaxies isn't available on the mac. Can you believe????

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