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people are strange

well, i was going to post a bitter unhelpful rant about how nurses seem to offer unwarrented advice (and since i can't contain myself, i should also point out that its usually worthless, sometimes inaccurate, often judgemental, and seems to be some kind of masturbatory impulse). good thing i wasn't going to say anything eh?

instead, I found this link to the a NY times slideshow showing people and their online avantars. I thought it was particularly wacky.

if you looked through the slideshow then you noticed that one amazing picture of that 'star wars galaxies' player. I am a huge fan of 'star wars: battlefront' (both of them) but unfortunatley, I've managed to beat the game past an inch of lifeform existence, so the news that there was an MMORPG (and i have to lodge a token protests about this acronym. You can't even say it?? what happened to the great tradition of MUCKs and MUDs and MOOs???) anyway, to find out that there was one of these for star wars was nice to hear. Verily, i could imagine just slaughtering my way through the known universe..

ok - those of you who are now worried I am about to engage in actual random violence need to relax. I can tell the difference between reality and a game.. also Star Wars Galaxies isn't available on the mac. Can you believe????


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