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What's in a Lady?

Today I thought I would get off my ass and finally join a gym. My work offers one, but it has got to be the crappiest corporate gym I have ever seen. I have been a member of the gym about 5 times in the last 7 years, so obviously its not working out so well for me.

So today I googled around for gyms in my area and what did I find? That being a lady still means something. A 'Lady of America' Fitness center just opened up near my house, and they are running a $20 per month special. Yeah incentive, especially since the YMCA here charges $79 a month. So I looked at the webpage, and here are some quotes from the website:

Lady of America offers the complete workout experience in a clean environment with no complicated machines.
oooh - save me from those 'complicated machines'. Jee-sus Chriiist.

Our Lady of America locations contain a variety of amenities, including*:

* Massage
* Infrared Saunas
* Tanning booths
* Manicures, and more!

hehehe - At first I was upset. tanning booths!?? Manicures??! and then, oooh yeah. I like manicures.. What do you know, uterus marketing must work!

and then there is some other stuff like free child care and they fact that they use 5lb weight increments, which I must admit is nice. So off I go. I am going to tour the facility today.


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