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who knows where the wind blows

I have crossed a line. I came into work this morning, attended a short meeting, cleared out my e-mail, and then.... nothing. nothing..

I grabbed my tea cup and took a walk around the office. At first I thought that my problem was that I don't have anyone to play hooky with, but that isn't it. I've managed to clear up enough time in my work schedule ( as per Tim Ferriss' 4 hour work week ) that on some days, I am out of work.

and to be quite clear, yes, there is work I could be doing, but no, I am not going to do it. and since this isn't a dialogue I'll try to explain. Some things are so stupidly inefficient to work on that they eat your soul. If you don't understand my point then I am glad we aren't talking.

so now, i have to find a goal and work for it. otherwise, i may as well be working.


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