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damn, michael crichton

you are one boring man.

after telling the loml what I thought about 'Timeline', he said that I should read 'Jurassic Park' because 'Timeline' was one of michael crichton's worst books . This would be in response to my comment that while I found 'Timeline' to be very enjoyable, it required as much thought to read as a romance novel. Sure the book revolved around quantum physics and history, but it was lite!

So this morning, I went looking for a copy of 'Jurassic Park'. I didn't want to miss my bus, so I grabbed 'The Lost World'. It had a dinosaur skeleton on the front so I figured that was it. But no, it seems to be some kind of sequel. I'm half way through, and amazingly enough, I have an opinion already.

All I know about Michael Crichton is from having read Timeline, half of Lost World, and I've seen the movie "jurassic park". And with that I am ready to judge, judge, judge! Obviously Crichton likes researching topics and then using them as a backdrop for a fantasy-adventure novel. yeah schtick, all these airport bestsellers have one (and Clive Cussler, I am talking about you).

but 'Lost World' is so damn boring. I award Michael Crichton loser points for abuse of two children as convenient (for him, not me) plot devices. Need a hacker? Ask the 11 year old. Need a way to baby talk your reader through a history of evolutional theory? Give the 13 year old an educational lecture. blech blech blech.

i hope those dinos eat everyone!


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