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Day 1: Riding the bus is easy

Today I started a week long attempt to live without my own car. Its summer now so instead of riding my bike to work, which would have made me all sweaty, I thought I would ride the bus. I suspect that my mom may laugh when she reads this (Hi Mom!), but I actually have no good idea how to ride the bus.

Last night, I checked out the bus schedule and noted that it was possible for me to wind up 30 minutes outside of town at a commuter pick up. So this morning, I made it 10 minutes early to the bus stop, mildly concerned about where I would wind up. The bus showed up 4 minutes early and in a bonus for me, was free today due to shitty environmental conditions. Only 6 people were riding when I got on, so I don't know if this free bus fare on 'orange days' thing is really working, but its a speedy bus so who knows.

The sign on the bus said it was going the right way so I didn't confirm with the driver. While riding I saw a mom taking her kids to school, a fast food worker, and a geek squad employee. The bus driver was pretty neat. I think she was Ethiopian and had a habit of running stop signs with impunity. At that moment, I decided that I loved the bus! Cancel the car insurance and full speed ahead!

I was prepared to ride all the way to the end of the line since it stopped about a quarter of a mile from my work, but lo and behold! There are little stops all along the way and after witnessing one woman pull the stop signal to get out, I was all set. I successfully pulled the signal and was able to de-bus just twenty yards from work. Yay me!

So future concerns are now, how to get to the transfer point for my doctor's appointment and how to get home afterwards... do I really have to ride the entire route to get back home???

Current Status: I Love the Bus


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