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Day 1: the end?

well, I made it home. no problems. so let's summarize our experience for the day.

I spent $0 riding the bus cause of the air quality incentive program.
the bus was on time, all the time.
people were interesting at best, kinda weird at worst.
and, i felt pretty good about riding the bus. I suspect that not having to drive might have removed some portion of stress from my day. but just to keep my hand in, i did curse at a few drivers while riding with the loml this evening:
"that dumbass"
"doesn't he know how to drive"
"rah rah rah"

I really think car insurance is a scam though. I called my company today to see what would happen if I wanted to stop driving for a couple of months. The woman told me that there was no way to go "inactive" for longer than 30 - 45 days without being declared having a "lapse in insurance". Once that happens, I become a "high risk driver" when I try to get insured again. The operator told me that my best course of action would be to drop as much coverage as I could (liability) and that would reduce my rates to about $150 per 6 months. Imagine that! For the privilige of not getting charged more later, I can continue to pay for something that I am not using now.

wow. that's just great.


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