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I read that in Tibet, children dream of growing up and attaining enlightenment. The point being that, in comparision, american children dream of growing up and getting on a reality show. Well, I obviously don't have any decent dreams to pursue because this week, I am test driving a new car. And by new car, I actually mean no car.

My current car started cracking up on me, and in a fit of anger, I decided to get a new one. A mini-cooper S in electric blue with racing stripes to boot! In my area, you have to wait about two months to get one, as the factory isn't keeping pace with demand. So as I considered the new car (and new price tag), I started to wonder. Do I really need a car? I live with someone who already has a car. I live three miles from work, a mile and half from my gym and the grocery store...

So starting tomorrow, I am going to live a week of no car. In preparation, I have looked over the bus schedule to get to work. In an added twist, I also have an appointment at the doctors that I will need to work in. I have little fear. In the worst case, I will wind up 30 minutes outside of town at the metro!

I estimate that tomorrow will cost me $4. $1 for each back and forth from work and the doctor's office. It hardly seems fair. I could buy a gallon of gas for that much money. But for fun, let's consider how much the car costs me, not including the actual purchase.

insurance - about $800 a year
maintenance - mostly oil changes, about $100 a year
gas - about $500 a year. I have good fuel economy.

which should put me at $1400 a year = $27 a week
??? damn, thats a little more than I realized and its really the insurance that is bumping up the numbers. So I guess I'll see how much it costs with no car, using the bus, bicycle, feet, and friends. onwards with the madness!


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