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i would like to take a minute to say good-bye to my Volkswagen 2001 GTI. I bought it for the turbo, sports suspension, sun roof, and wacky hatchback functionality. I am going to get rid of it for the following incidents in loose chronological order, over the past 7 years (66,200 miles ONLY!):

- the plastic cap on the side of the ashtray comes loose, never to remain firmly attached again.
- the driver side window fell into the the door
- the passenger side window fell into the door
- the engine temperature sensor died
- I've replaced both headlight bulbs at least twice
- I've replaced about 6 lights in the back (brake, reverse, etc..)
- both sun roof drainage vents clogged, causing water to backfill in the car frame until it reached the roof at which point the water drained into the vehicle resulting in a month long ordeal to get the interior removed and replaced because of the water damage.
- the handles that control the seat movement come loose, never to remain firnly attached again.
- the sunroof stops responding to about 50% of the commands I issue with the controller.
- I get a recall for the brake light switch (note* I've actually taken the car back for about 3 recalls, I just can't remember them all anymore).
- the car alarm starts locking me in the vehicle after i get in and sounding the alarm when I start the car. I have to turn off the car and unlock it before the alarm shuts up.

That is about everything I can recall and I am never going to buy a volkswagen again. Starting next week, I'm going to do the following:
1. take my car to carmax to find out how much they will pay me for it.
2. Spend a week without driving my car to see what its like.


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