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how i feel about the work cafeteria

my work cafeteria has no cute name. Its not the snack cafe or the food palace or anything fun. Its a plain boring ugly nasty little place populated with plain boring ugly nasty food. I hate eating there.

today, against my better judgment, reason, and intellect, I went back into the cafeteria. I had one hour and no car. I was about to walk my ass half a mile down to a panera but its very hot and I am wearing heels...

available today was nasty pizza, an absence of veg calzone, roasted veg wrap, burger line, and salad bar. I would like to take a moment to address the roasted veg wrap. There is very little roasted veg in the wrap. but if you like, they will squash it in a panini press for you. and you trust me, getting your veg wrap smushed in a hot panini press does not improve it.

since the selection sucked, i asked for a veggie burger with cheese. i ate that thing. I ate that nasty burger in the nasty cafeteria, loathing myself the whole time... loathing all the other soulless gutless corporate weinies who couldn't treat themselves to something better than nasty lunch with an occasional stare at yours truly who was the best looking thing in that place.

i felt like i was a corporate intern again who just doesn't know better. I must have chugged down that burger in 5 minutes flat before going back and grabbing a salad and a bag of chips to fulfill my basic need for nutrition and taste.

damn, i hate that place. Tomorrow: the triumphant return of my lunch box!


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