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I'm just sayin...

I sold my car last tuesday... and then i didn't buy another one.

and I must say... I'm enjoying myself immensely. It probably has something to do with the huge check that is just waiting to clear in my bank account. awesome.. money in, no money out.

what has it cost me so far?
- i have had to learn patience, when i miss the bus.. hey man, its a whole 20 minutes til the next one!
- i had to start carrying around an umbrella and tennis shoes, in case of bad weather, or if I decide to walk somewhere.
- i had to wake up earlier than normal for 2 weeks, because i thought that there was only one bus route that passed by my house.. Sucker me! there is a second route that runs ALL DAY!!!
- I have to say "hello, good morning" to friendly people at the bus stop.

BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i am sufferring so much, i wish i had done this sooner.

of course, I'll probably stop laughing when winter hits. According to the info posters in the bus, they don't have heaters.


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