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the suck!

i got up this morning feeling humble. because of micheal crichton, if you can believe it. Last night I read Timeline, which is an adventure/fantasy about quantum travel. I picked up the book because when you ride the bus, you have to read something and my book of Taoist essays was getting too much for me.

I expected it to suck, suck bad. I didn't remember who the author was but I knew that my dad and the loml read it, and then i remembered that Crichton also wrote that dinosaur book... with the movie with Jeff Goldblum. and then I was holding a book which has a knight on the front and begins with a small groundwork of quantum physics. yes, bring on the suckage. I was ready for insipid descriptions of olde towne life.

but, I must admit, the book was pretty neat and I was entertained. My only problem is that I'm not sure how much liberty Mr.Crichton has taken with the historical details. So I'm not planning on going around saying, "you know in the 1320's there were no chimneys in france!"

but on to life now.. just as I was feeling humbled, i get to sit in an all-day meeting with people who suck. What would Buddha do? he would tell me that this is a good opportunity to practice. I assume that i need to work on compassion.


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