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today, i am a loser

you know... I thought i was doing pretty well this year.

I had managed to totally re-direct my work lifestyle to 20% work, 80% doing whatever I wanted. I graduated with a Master's degree in psychology which work paid for, even though I am an engineer, working in telecom. The loml and I totally managed to arrange our wedding without going broke or crazy (yet). And the cherry on my cake was selling my car for blue book, and then not buying another one. Check me out, neo-rebel!

but no. because this is how my today went. at 5:20am, my little cat started paw-pawing me in the face. and continued to do so for 30 minutes... because i never get mad at my little cat and I knew she was hungry. i can't blame an animal for acting on its natural instincts. so i fed the cats and went back for a precious hour of sleep.. only one, because today, I had to wake my ass up to catch the 7:20 am bus!!

what is this hell??? what happened to my life?!? I can barely remember the bus trip to work because I don't start thinking until around 9:20am. though, as my dear friend Scott points out, seeing my work place bearing down on me as i ride the bus, is sort of like being on a vehicle to auschwitz. Thank god I wasn't awake yet.

So to conclude, a few points:
1) sleep is precious
2) having a happy lifestyle is important
3) I would like to thank the loml for an amazing job with the house in the last day. You are the best!


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