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caffiene is so good

I am not a big soda drinker. Every once in a while, I will break out and have a baby size serving of coke or ginger ale ( I love italian sodas). Usually, I drink water or green tea. I drink so much green tea that I am that lab rat of a human who will actually experience the benefits of green tea magicalness. That is how much I drink.

but today, i was wiped out. enough to where I was getting comments like "you look like you are dragging". I look damn good today, but nothing can erase the fact that i was feeling like damp dish towel. here is a haiku for that:

my eyes are bleary
the body not aware that
day has started, now!

until, i had my morning cup. I was a little tired of the David Rios - Tahitian Tangerine blend I'd been sampling lately and decided to go for The Republic of tea - Blackberry sage, which is a black tea. I usually drink black tea in the evening when the sister and I are taking over the galaxy a la star wars battlefront style. But this morning, I think its safe to say, there was a little bit of happiness in the bottom of my cup.


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