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i'm sleepy - like the dwarf, you know..

oh boy. So I've been reading up on Vipassana meditation. My first attempt yielded such fantastic results (a.k.a. better sleep), that I hopped on the internet to see where the nearest meditation center was. These places actually hold multi-day retreats! Imagine 10 hours of meditation a day!

Well I checked out dhamma.org and there are only 10 centers in Northern America, 2 of which are in Canada. So it will take a little effort to get there. So I realized that first, I should probably get in the regular practice of meditation before I go.

I skipped meditating this morning in favor of sleep but was determined to at least make an evening meditation. So I set up in the spare bedroom, set my timer program to 15 minute intervals and began thinking about my nostrils.

I'd like to take a moment to address the timer program. Interval timers are really expensive. Check out this cadillac of yoga timers. After bitching to the loml about prices and such, he suggested that I should:
1. quit bitching
2. write some 2 line script involving an 'exec' and a 'sleep' on my laptop.

Now, I don't always listen to the loml even though he knows better. Instead, I wrote a 33 line script with argument processing, error checking, and a couple of nifty features (and comments). Its super fly and I even ripped off someone else's singing bowl wave file so that the interval noise is sooooothing.

but where was I? right, thinking about my nostrils. So the meditation is going well.. and perhaps a little too well, cause I started tipping over. because I was falling asleep. After about 5 'tips', I decided to stop. My focus was no where near where it should have been and apparently, I need to go to bed.


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