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the things I said

I have one regret today.

I was in the dressing room at H&M, trying on clothes. As I was leaving, I saw this pretty blond girl, about average weight, trying on a skirt. She asked her boyfriend "What do you think?".

Already, I see this is a terrible idea. I mean asking your boyfriend. Women's fashion can get pretty subtle and unless you want your man to be gay, expecting an informed opinion from him is a bad idea. However, I've done it too.. so I don't want to be too harsh here.

Anyway, her bf says "looks great, good length, I think you should get it".

And this is where my regret comes in. Cause I didn't say a damn thing. But I took one look at that skirt, and what I almost said was, "Its about 2 inches too long for you. It cuts off right where your calf swells, and it make it look like your legs are getting fat. Which isn't true. But that's what it looks like".

boy, i sure hope she didn't buy that skirt.


i just found this weird little website titled Wish: Anonymous online wish sharing. Its not particularly amazing and it did try to run some annoying advertising. But it was neat. People's wishes were things like "I wish that would marry me", "I wish that we would stay friends forever", "I wish I could talk to my mother", "I wish for Superman POWERS!". hahahaha


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