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vegas chunks

In case you were interested in colon cleansing, there a blog you can read here. (Mom: I don't think you want to read this).

I just got back from Las Vegas after three bleary-eyed, sorta inebriated, "why don't I put a twenny in that weird machine" days. and I must say, after three days of blinking and flashing and ching-ching-chinging noise, my body went into a total state of "DO NOT WANT". Really, I just wanted to go home and purge purge purge until every nasty bit of vegas was gone.

note* There is no point to this entry. It is entirely an excuse to post a link to the Poo Blog listed above.

here is what I learned in Vegas:
1) quit playing when you are up
2) quit playing when you lose your initial buy in.
3) quit putting money in those ridiculous machines
4) do visit the beer store on Las Vegas Blvd. Its much cheaper.


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