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September 2, 2007

sally struthers

i think that trying to lose weight moves you into a crazy frame of mind.

i have a wedding coming up, so I figure losing 5 lbs can't hurt.
"10 lbs" says the lolm.
"I would be underweight then, honey" I point out
"you'll be great!" says the loml, happily ignoring the fact that this will cause smaller boobs and my getting sick more often.

so, whatever.. I've been doing 40 minutes of cardio everyday, with weight exercises (cause they are good for building strong bones, as per my doctor).

this morning after taking a shower, I was getting ready to go get lunch. and I pass up this Ritz crackers and cheese handisnack on the counter. I am not a fan of pre-packed items because they generate more waste and cost more than purchasing in bulk. The loml is with all this but his office buys them for free so here they are, in the house, tempting me.

I have a huge weakness for cheese and its cousin cheese-food, and its step-cousin processed cheese.

It didn't take much. I'm hungry, I love cheese and its relatives, and I don't believe in angsting. So I ate it. All experienced dieters know what happened next.

remorse. As I was enjoying the last cracker, I thought "What have I just eaten???" and I dashed to the computer to look up the nutritional info (which was NOT listed on the package - WAS THIS A SIGN??) I hit up the nabisco website (cause they own everything) and finally found the damn things. 100 calories! fewww....


September 4, 2007

labor day hangover

This is one of those days when I look at my tagline and think "All my problems ARE nails!".

This is going to be a whining blog about my work. You may not feel free to stop reading (well - who's going to stop you, really...)

I slept really well all this weekend up until this morning, when I kept waking up with project goals and status requests in my head. The last thing I recall thinking at 5:30 was, "GOAL: Get more sleep" and then directed myself to sleep for 2 more hours.

When I got into work, I discovered that nothing had been done over the weekend and all my major projects are now behind schedule. Now in a normal world, we may ask "Why would you expect anything to be done during the 3 day labor day weekend?". HAH! no one said corporate america was rational!!!! This is why we hire off-shore workers! Because they don't HAVE LABOR DAY! but don't worry rational reader, no one worked this weekend. thus, the problems.

i have a sneaking suspicion that off shore efficiency will eventually degenerate into american laziness... but that is a different story.

I should never have come in today.

September 5, 2007

do you have prince albert in a can?

Some days seem pretty normal, and then you run into something that is just so weird that you think "wow! this was a wacky day". of course, all your days are special and unique, but here is what made me think "wacky" today.

The Homeless World Cup. This is not a headline from the Onion. It is a football (soccer) competition for homeless people and this year, it was in Denmark. Here is a description of player requirements:
Each player must have been homeless as some point after the 2006 Homeless World Cup (since 1 August 06) in accordance with the national definition of homelessness. Alternatively, they make their main income as a street paper vendor; or are asylum seekers; or are currently in drug or alcohol rehabilitation and have been homeless at some point in the past two years.

wow. now i am not sure what others can learn from reading about this, but what I have learned is that crazy ideas have no limit. Look at what this man has accomplished!

September 6, 2007

its been broughten!

ok, this is it! the gloves are off.

My insidious job is going DOWN!

this morning I came in for a 9am meeting which was promptly re-scheduled as per a midnight e-mail from a primary contributor. I shot said contributor a dirty look.

I started working on some back burner projects until my Work wireless went down. and stayed down. I attempted a manual connection through my cube drops, until I realized that my work connection is deader than anna nicole smith and the other plug, while pretending to function, connects to a network where the DHCP is not pushing out DNS addresses.

note* When you see references to work capitalized as Work, it is in the same manner as the Devil. That capitalization does imply something, in this case, something bad.

Soooo, I switched to my EVDO card which did get me to the internet but today, none of my Work VPN servers are accepting connections. and no, this isn't just me. my Work environment does genuinely suck for reasons you don't want to know.

but on to the point. Several months ago I had picked up a copy of "The 4 hour work week" by Tim Ferriss, about lifestyle management. Following his principles, I managed to work 2 hours a day for about a month. It was great. The loml worried that I might lose my job, and my friends and family began to imply I was nuts. It was still great, until I changed job functions and went back to the "40 hour" work week.

Well its been brought-en. Work is going down, and I am going back to "the 4 hour work week". I am starting by re-reading the initial principles of getting rid of crap at work. more updates later.

September 7, 2007

that duck is somebody's mother

Most of my complaints are about work, specifically the people. The ones who make me the angriest are those who fail to take ownership of issues which are 'clearly' theirs. They make me angry enough to get super righteous. and as we all know, no one gets away with that.

This morning I have been puttering along at work, when one of the contractors comes up to discuss some work items with me. I tell him what I've done; in this case I passed the work along to my lead tech. And as I'm explaining this maneuver to the contractor, I see an expression flash across his face. And at that instant, I recognize it. He's pissed. at me. because he thinks that I should have taken on that responsibility.

What do you know? Today, I am someone else's asshat.

September 10, 2007

lee van cleef blows a tire

i have to admit. sometimes, i think I am a badass.

Lately, I've been working with someone who has a work model that I think is pretty cool. You should attempt to work with other people who are good workers. Do not work with people who are not team players and don't contribute to the success of the project. Now this seems pretty common sense, but then there is reality.

The reality is that when we run into someone who we don't wish to work with, there are several ways to deal with it:
1) stop going to their meetings
2) request reassignment from that task
3) get that person removed.

Let's talk about item #3. This one is interesting to me cause I just got a piece of this. There was a process of negative feedback which culminated in a termination. This part is not as interesting as the terminating part.

On monday (today) employee X showed up for work. WTF??? Employee X had been terminated on friday and no one had told them. I suppose this is where I got in trouble. I turned to my lead and said "This is a management nightmare. This needs to be dealt with. Someone must tell Employee X that they have been terminated."

and they said "ok... can you do it?". and I did. it was messy, touchy, and an incident that I will place on my employee review as an indicator of career maturity. but here is the odd part for me, besides the part where I remember thinking "This is how people get shot!". The odd part is that as I was escorting Employee EX out of the building, I kept thinking of that scene from the movie "Monster's Ball" where Heath Ledger and Billy Bob Thornton, as prison guards, are taking a death row inmate on his "last walk" to the execution. In the movie, Heath Ledger gets nervous and pukes. Billy Bob gets mad at him for disrespecting a man's last walk.

i'm not sure that there is anything respectful about an unexpected termination. It really reminded me of an angst-y high school break up.

September 13, 2007

in the land of the crazy

hmm, so many items to list:

1) I have renamed my tummy. New name is "Britney Belly"
2) I have started working 9-5. The increase in work doesn't make any difference.
3) I knew it wouldn't make a difference but my mind won't let me sleep unless it thinks I am trying.
4) I am in a meeting where everyone thinks we are up the creek on a project. As a consequence, every sentence uttered is more ridiculous than normal.

I think I'll stop for now.

September 14, 2007

ima dork

last night i watched two movies, which i'd like to waste some time by reviewing.

1) Shinobi - This is a japanese foreign film about martial artists. Normally, this stuff is right up my alley. Sadly, I found it to be largely derivative, with more wire work than martial arts. It was a blend of Quentin Tarantino's Hero (starring Jet Li - and which I also wouldn't bother ever watching again), and of the anime flick "Ninja Scroll" (which I LOVE and have watched at least 50 times). My final review: its ok but only if you happen to be wasting time on the couch chugging from a bottle of wine, surfing through the Asian channel (AZN).

2) Dodgeball - Wow, was this some fun or what? Better than Ron Burgundy, not as good as Blades of Glory, but still, very enjoyable. and even though you didn't ask, I think Zoolander is the best movie in this genre, EVER. OK, Final Review: Good Fun!

September 20, 2007

commitment and alphabet soup

I had a strange conversation with my doctor the other day. We were talking about BC (and if you can't guess what I'm about to cover, you may want to stop reading now). The doctor was giving an info-speech about the various options, and then she covers the IUC, which is a fun variation on the old IUD. And its starting to get boring up until the part where she mentions that it will cause a LIFE-THREATENING situation if I am not in a monogamous relationship.

what ? life threatening ? She goes on...

"The IUC is a five year contraceptive. When you start out on it and you are both happy things are great. But two or three years down the line, when the relationship is not going well, if he (or you) gets upset and there is a slip up... you can't have his stuff with some other woman's stuff on your stuff".

Wow, its like entering euphemism alley. What is interesting is that if you check the info page for one of the manufacturers (Mirena), all it notes is that the product is meant for women in mutually monogamous relationships. but somehow they fail to disclose this part about potentially dying. guess that is what Dr. Euphemism is for.

Wow, that would make for some great wedding vows eh? "I swear not to put anyone else's stuff on my stuff, unless its your stuff, as I may generate a life-threatening infection"

September 22, 2007

ok, you win...

remember when 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley came out? It was such a great song! and the radio just kept playing and playing it, and we all thought we'd hate it, just like every other overplayed song... but no! its that good; I still listen when i hear it.

well, here is my tribute to its wackiness:
cover with a theremin
cover of the cover with a theremin

I really dislike posting links that I read about on other people's pages, but the song won.

September 23, 2007

i can't dance

hah. never in several hours of guessing would I have ever realized where I would be spending my "right here, right now". i'll give you this moment to think on it, but now I'll tell. I am at a genesis concert.

yes, I know.

technically the concert hasn't started yet. there is some kind of power issue that's causing a delay... and if you've ever wondered what it would take to get a few thousand forty-somethings to riot, this was almost it.

speaking of the audience, this is the weirdest one I've been in. and I went to the 1995 david bowie/nine inch nails concert tour so that's saying something.

the people here are mostly forty_ish, fifty_ish, and none of them dance on beat. amazing. but they love them some genesis.

September 25, 2007

should i stay or should I go now?

I stopped working today. After lunch, I decided to run an errand and then went home, instead of going back to work. and once I got home, I set up my laptop and decided it would be much nicer to just read a book instead. so I did.

I made a quick pitstop in "work-land" when I joined a 4pm conference call, and the one thing that stood out in my mind was the incredible waste of time it was. I was there to verbally communicate everything that I had already communicated via e-mail. After the second time, I just said "I sent you and mr.y an e-mail about this already." and the third time, again "This was also in the e-mail I sent you".

the only change I got was a "I know you sent an e-mail about this but do you have anything to add?"... at which point I got to say "no".

This is progress??

I added a countdown timer on my webpage. Its a countdown to my death, as per some statistical calculation. Its supposed to motivate me to get on with my life, but as far as I can tell, its just counting my death.

September 26, 2007

other people's kids

As much as I detest most people's blogs and their unique special thoughts, there are a couple I like to read. One of them is Violent Acre's, usually very amusing. In today's post, she writes about some typical neighbor drama and asks people how they would solve it. So as a break from my drama, today I will answer her question, and hey - don't we all have asshat neighbors?

VA, you are screwed. No matter what you do, you are going to have to deal with the fall out of pissing off your drunk-ass neighbor and having him kill your dog, car, etc.. He's a socially ignorant alcoholic, and this situation was inevitable. The only real decision is what course of action is best for you, which does not include reasoning it out with the neighbor when he's sober. I vote for small claims court, unless it will give him delusions of making a counter-claim etc. In that respect, the banality of the insurance company claim route may be better.

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