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commitment and alphabet soup

I had a strange conversation with my doctor the other day. We were talking about BC (and if you can't guess what I'm about to cover, you may want to stop reading now). The doctor was giving an info-speech about the various options, and then she covers the IUC, which is a fun variation on the old IUD. And its starting to get boring up until the part where she mentions that it will cause a LIFE-THREATENING situation if I am not in a monogamous relationship.

what ? life threatening ? She goes on...

"The IUC is a five year contraceptive. When you start out on it and you are both happy things are great. But two or three years down the line, when the relationship is not going well, if he (or you) gets upset and there is a slip up... you can't have his stuff with some other woman's stuff on your stuff".

Wow, its like entering euphemism alley. What is interesting is that if you check the info page for one of the manufacturers (Mirena), all it notes is that the product is meant for women in mutually monogamous relationships. but somehow they fail to disclose this part about potentially dying. guess that is what Dr. Euphemism is for.

Wow, that would make for some great wedding vows eh? "I swear not to put anyone else's stuff on my stuff, unless its your stuff, as I may generate a life-threatening infection"


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