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last night i watched two movies, which i'd like to waste some time by reviewing.

1) Shinobi - This is a japanese foreign film about martial artists. Normally, this stuff is right up my alley. Sadly, I found it to be largely derivative, with more wire work than martial arts. It was a blend of Quentin Tarantino's Hero (starring Jet Li - and which I also wouldn't bother ever watching again), and of the anime flick "Ninja Scroll" (which I LOVE and have watched at least 50 times). My final review: its ok but only if you happen to be wasting time on the couch chugging from a bottle of wine, surfing through the Asian channel (AZN).

2) Dodgeball - Wow, was this some fun or what? Better than Ron Burgundy, not as good as Blades of Glory, but still, very enjoyable. and even though you didn't ask, I think Zoolander is the best movie in this genre, EVER. OK, Final Review: Good Fun!


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