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its been broughten!

ok, this is it! the gloves are off.

My insidious job is going DOWN!

this morning I came in for a 9am meeting which was promptly re-scheduled as per a midnight e-mail from a primary contributor. I shot said contributor a dirty look.

I started working on some back burner projects until my Work wireless went down. and stayed down. I attempted a manual connection through my cube drops, until I realized that my work connection is deader than anna nicole smith and the other plug, while pretending to function, connects to a network where the DHCP is not pushing out DNS addresses.

note* When you see references to work capitalized as Work, it is in the same manner as the Devil. That capitalization does imply something, in this case, something bad.

Soooo, I switched to my EVDO card which did get me to the internet but today, none of my Work VPN servers are accepting connections. and no, this isn't just me. my Work environment does genuinely suck for reasons you don't want to know.

but on to the point. Several months ago I had picked up a copy of "The 4 hour work week" by Tim Ferriss, about lifestyle management. Following his principles, I managed to work 2 hours a day for about a month. It was great. The loml worried that I might lose my job, and my friends and family began to imply I was nuts. It was still great, until I changed job functions and went back to the "40 hour" work week.

Well its been brought-en. Work is going down, and I am going back to "the 4 hour work week". I am starting by re-reading the initial principles of getting rid of crap at work. more updates later.


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