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labor day hangover

This is one of those days when I look at my tagline and think "All my problems ARE nails!".

This is going to be a whining blog about my work. You may not feel free to stop reading (well - who's going to stop you, really...)

I slept really well all this weekend up until this morning, when I kept waking up with project goals and status requests in my head. The last thing I recall thinking at 5:30 was, "GOAL: Get more sleep" and then directed myself to sleep for 2 more hours.

When I got into work, I discovered that nothing had been done over the weekend and all my major projects are now behind schedule. Now in a normal world, we may ask "Why would you expect anything to be done during the 3 day labor day weekend?". HAH! no one said corporate america was rational!!!! This is why we hire off-shore workers! Because they don't HAVE LABOR DAY! but don't worry rational reader, no one worked this weekend. thus, the problems.

i have a sneaking suspicion that off shore efficiency will eventually degenerate into american laziness... but that is a different story.

I should never have come in today.


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